Well, another month is here, and more pictures of the one-and-only Melyssa Ford are also here. Enjoy!

Apologies for the delay in bringing you more pictures of Ms. Ford (had when you work AND having to work full-time), but we believe that the wait is worth it. This month we bring you Ms. Melyssa Ford's King Magazine pictorial. And now without further delay, here is Ms. Ford...

You know, life is so hard when you have to work for The Man and you don't have the time to post the most recent Melyssa Ford pictures in a timely manner. However, I did manage to squeek out a minute or two to bring you the lastest picture I managed to steal off-line of Ms. Ford. Enjoy!

I know that the movie "Good Hair" is already out on DVD/Blue-Ray, but still with a role in the feature film, Melyssa Ford is a welcome addition to any Red Carpet. Just feast your eyes on all that perfection!

Greeting again lovers of all things feminine! Once again, the Eye Candy Network presents to you more pictures of the one-and-only Ms. Melyssa Ford. This woman is perfection personified!

This morning, we will save the usual not-so-crude remarks and just allow these examples of perfection to speak for themselves (who says nothing good comes from interracial relationships?)

This week, The Melyssa Ford Shrine brings you something completely different. We have uploaded and posted a copy of Melyssa Ford's exclusive pictorial from Black Men Magazine (2006 Swimsuit Issue) Issue #57 . It's a complete pdf. scan of the magazine in it's entirety for those of you who weren't able to get a copy of it. So download and enjoy!

Coming out this month is Vibe Magazine's tribute to the one and only Melyssa Ford. The Melyssa Ford Shrine and the Eye Candy Network is proud to bring you pictures from this soon-to-be-legendary photo spread of Ms. Ford. So, without further adieu, here she is...

Morning fellow aficionados of all things feminine and beautiful. This morning, we bring you a preview of springtime with another new picture of the indescribable Melyssa Ford.

Fellow lusters of Melyssa Ford, you are in store for a real treat today, as I present perfection in action...Ms. Melyssa Ford in a photo shoot for Applebottom jeans. And although most women would like to think THEY have "applebottoms," most of them can't compare with with this...!

Please insert your own crass comment here.

This week, the Eye Candy Network has a special treat for you fellow appreciators of feminine beauty. We have posted for your enjoyment 2 short videos of Ms. Ford in unnamed video photo shoots...not still photographs of this enchantress, but moving pictures! Enjoy!!

If you want, you can download this video from here: http://www.ziddu.com/download/8235958/MelyssaFordSportingSee-ThroughOutfitatShoot.mpg.html

Download this video from here (free): http://www.ziddu.com/download/8235957/MelyssaFordPhotoShootonaCouch.mpg.html

Today, I bring you a couple of my personal favorite photos of luscious Melyssa Ford. Nothing needs to be said about these other than I hope you get as much joy out of them as I have.

Morning fellow lovers of all things beautiful! Today, we bring you the second installment of Ms. Ford's King Magazine photo shoot. Talk about being a tease...

A new day and a new set of pictures of the fabulous Ms. Melyssa Ford from her King Magazine photo shoot from last year. Now, get to lusting...!

Another Melyssa Ford picture from her American Flag photo shoot!

Welcome 2010!! Apologies for the lag time between postings, but I've been very busy putting a lot of things together for you. Anyway, I have chosen to post some pictures of the one-and-only Melyssa Ford in her Salute to America photo shoot. Although she's a Canadian by birth, she supplements the old Red, White, & Blue quite beautifully, don't you think?